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Data governance service

  We will support you in operation and consulting about the data governance.

1.Drawing up the data model management policy


Define the destination for constructing and managing the data model, and support setting management guidelines.
For example...
・The destination of the data model management.
・The guidelines of the data model management.
・Clarify the target of the data management.
・Framework of the data management.

2.Drawing up the updating rules of data model

The data model is not complete when it was constructed. The data model proves its merits by longtime operation and maintenance.
We will support you in setting basic way of thinking, rules for updating, and specific and effective measures.
For example...
・Drawing up guidelines.
・Drawing up procedure manuals for updating.

3.Upgrading environment for data model operation

To construct and maintain data models, you need repository that is a database for managing data models of a certain size.
We are willing to support in constructing and implemetaion of repository that is fitting your policies and rules.
For example...
・Define the requirements of repository.
・Define the meta-data structure fitting your managing purpose.
・Select repository.
・Implement repository.

4.Supporting data modeling

To construct and maintain data models, you need modeling guidelines and data dectionaries.
But data modeling does not go smoothly just with these infrastructure.
We are willing to support for solving problems that arise in modeling sites and for operations such as model reviewing.
For example...
・To support making data models and reviewing
・To keep up data dictionaries and domains
・To keep up data model guidelines
・To utilize data modeling tools

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