DataArchitect is an IT consultant specializing in database

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〒230-0021 Tsurumi Ward, Yokohama, Kanagawa



DataArchitect hopes to be your help in...

 ・ thinking what to do with you about IT utilization which truly contributes business managemet

 ・ supporting your IT company to change from a labor intensive to an engineering type, to bring up the IT industry to be a Japanese core industry.

 ・ making efforts to develop IT architects of the next generation

Short Biography of the President


*Biography and career

NAME  :  MANO, Tadashi
1979 Mar. Graduated from Musashi Institute of Technology
1979 Apr. Entered INES Corporation
1983 Jan. Joind CAC Co., Ltd.
2005 Aug. Resigned CAC
2005 Dec. Started DataArchitect as a personal business
2007 Dec. Established DataArchitect Co., Ltd. and assumed the presidency

*Supporting Information Resouce Management

   Drawing up data managemet system
   Consulting services for installation of repositories
   Education of Database Design

*Database Design

   Designed sales management system on C/S
   Reviewed data models of a big project on Web
   Managed data and databases of research and development business

*Domain of the business

・ Quality management of a medicinal chemical manufacturing company
・ Balance management of ship chartering business
・ Balance management of ship chartering business
・ Support system for maintenance of airplanes
・ Distribution system of drugs and medicines
・ Supporting research and development
・ Supporting testing of remedies
・ Sales and distribution of information equipments
・ Order management of a large-scale retailer
・ Distribution management of a beverage manufacturer
・ B2B business of a beverage manufacturer
・ Prediction/performance management of electric power
・ B2B business of a maker
・ Member management of a special public corporation
・ Profit management of a railway company
・ Profit management of a system integrater
・ Vehicle management system of a railway company
・ System of National Health Insurance
・ System of aviation
・ Purchase management of a maker
・ Infrastructure management of a railway company
・ Sales management of a publication wholesaler
・ Customer management of a financial company


   ・  IT Coordinater ITコーディネータ
   ・ System Analyst(certified by METI)
   ・ DB Technical Engineer(certified by METI)

Corporate History

Established DataArchitect Co., Ltd.
Started DataArchitect as a personal business